About me

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Originally from San Diego, California, I am a juice business owner and freelance translator living in Biel-Bienne, Switzerland. I share my life with my amazing pug Kaya and so many wonderful friends whom I call family. My family and friends back home in the US and Mexico mean the world to me too.

My aesthetic sense is a big part of who I am, therefore I love diving into that which I find beautiful – nature, art, architecture, design, fashion, and photography in particular. My first love is the sea, and I try to get back to that salty wonderland as much as possible, wherever possible. Traveling around – even on short excursions – feeds my need for new inspiration and fresh encounters with myself and with others. I am simply fascinated with the experience of being alive. Connecting with people from different walks of life not only grounds me, but it helps to renew my faith in humanity, learn, and always leaves me feeling grateful.