The things I have always wanted to see, and some other things that I didn’t think I ever would.


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The stars on this map I’ve shown aren’t so easy to see, so please zoom in. More info is available if you just email me.

The entire planning around my trip to the south of France centered around me joining my boyfriend on a vacation holiday with his mother and three of his four children at a family-oriented camping site called Les Sablons. I’m pretty much always up for a new adventure, and so I committed to staying one week at a location of which I had never heard about nor knew much about at all. And while I was already down there, I wanted to fulfill a longtime wish of exploring the region between Marseille and Toulon – especially Les Calanques – but more of that later…

Portiragnes plage, France


Portiragnes plage, france

My plan was to stay a week with the family, and then go for a week all by myself discovering a region in the south of France that I had previously neglected. That’s right – all by my self.


So I decided to stay true to the theme for a week, and I did. We had a wonderful time within the bubble that we stayed in and I enjoyed the parameters as much as possible. For someone without children it is the total opposite of what you consider a “vacation”. It went something like this: Eat-pool-eat-clean up-beach-pool-eat-clean up-pool-eat-clean up-family time-sleep. And the sequence repeated itself for the entire stay. I am grateful for being able to spend time with my love’s family and we did have a fantastic time. The EURO playoffs were going on, and we had fun watching the matches at the “clubhouse” in the evening amidst a mostly Irish crowd. But, after a week, I was fully ready to see something outside of the camping colony and hit the road.

Pretty nice campgrounds!

I’m going to need to write several posts about my trip because it was that grand.

But to start with, I will share my itinerary:

-1 night stay in Montélimar

-6 night stay in in Portiragnes, France (Camping).

-1 night stay in La Grande Motte

-1 night stay in Arles (After a day in Montpellier)

-3 nights stay in La Ciotat

-1 night stay in Cassis

-2 night stay in Bandol

-1 night stay in La-Seyne-Sur- Mer

-1 night stay in Montjoyer

As you can see, I fulfilled my wish to explore the region, and even more so! If you have ever been interested in visiting this region of France, then I can only highly recommend it! It is such a treasure! And despite being a lone traveler – it truly inspired me, and that is always my goal.

So please stay tuned in, I’m hope that you’re going to love taking part in my journey!

View over the oyster farms of Sète





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