I had plans…trips to take and stories to tell…

Yes, I had great plans. A road trip to Annecy, France this coming weekend with my close friend Corinne. Then there would be the much-anticipated annual excursion to Art Basel in nearby Basel, Switzerland mid-June. And after that there was the 10 day road-trip to the coast of Languedoc-Roussillon planned for the beginning of July.

Vineyards on the lake of Biel, Switzerland

And then abruptly, my plans changed for at least the next 6 weeks. I’ve fractured my foot. And like most accidents, it was a totally unnecessary misstep which could have easily been avoided had it not been for my tendency to rush and try to do a million things at one time. But anyway, it happened, and I’ve acquired a pair of crutches, some fancy cast called “Vacoped” (which is removable and very comfortable) which I wear 24/7, and the need to give myself shots in my stomach with blood thinners every evening. Ok, I haven’t actually had the courage to do it myself yet, and I will shamelessly continue to rely on the help of my boyfriend and friends to do it for me for as long as possible.



Although it was excruciatingly painful when it happened (sound effects and all), it hasn’t really been painful ever since, and I’ve been able to avoid taking any pain meds, which is awesome. The most “painful” part of it for me is that summertime, my most treasured season, is just about to roll into town, and I have to take it easy when all of my being feels like soaring. All of these planned trips, and my usual summer routine of spending every possible day at the lake of Biel where I live – swimming, stand up paddling, kayaking, etc…has been temporarily sabotaged. Anyway, it’s unfortunate for my friends that live here, but the weather hasn’t been nice at all lately, and it will continue with this trend for the next couple of weeks, so I don’t feel like I’m missing out as much as I would if it were full-on sunny.  I’ve never been so glad for crappy weather in my life. Such a selfish pleasure. Sorry buddies.


For the time being, I am homebound, and have to keep my foot up as much as possible. I am learning to use crutches, and cannot put any weight on my broken foot. I can now totally appreciate all the years of yoga I’ve invested in, for despite my injury, I feel strong, nimble, flexible, and am constantly finding creative ways to get things done around the house on one leg. My boyfriend Lukas and a bunch of my amazing friends have been providing me with the best medicine I could ever have – Gratitude. Their visits have been full of belly laughs, good food, and positive vibes – just what I need to keep my spirits up! I am totally convinced that a positive attitude not only does you good – it truly effects your health on a cellular level, and speeds up the healing process as well. I’m going that route.


Over the next few weeks, as I continue to heal, it’s my (new) plan to share some interesting stories and photos with you out of my personal archives that I’m sure you’ll enjoy just as much.

Thank you for staying tuned….and happy June!

All photos were taken by June Liechti-Adamson


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