Boldly being June

The intention behind my blog is to create a space to evoke inspiration through uplifting images and experiences that I continue to collect along my way. I’ll be sharing my travels, adventures, stories, photographs, and lifestyle interests, and I hope that you’ll enjoy my journey as much as I do.

My fascination with traveling and photography began with a 3 month backpacking trip across Europe in the summer of 1997. The experience shifted my perspective so profoundly, that in the following summer, I packed my bags (and skateboard) and moved over to Switzerland with the intention of staying just one year. There was no love story to pull me over here, just an awakened curiosity about life in general, and the realization that there was so much more out there to do and see! Almost two decades later and I’m still here and loving it.

My blog will feature trips near and far, cool exhibitions, interesting architecture, intriguing people, and a lot of other goodies that spark my interest, and I hope yours too!



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